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On this web site, I provide information on my case. However, I need your help to fully document it. Thus I created a wiki to collect evidence and documentation. Please do not assume that I have certain information but document everything as thoroughly as possible. Thanks in advance! I chose to create a wiki as it is nearly impossible to send information on my case to me by email, letter, or fax. You can add materials to the wiki anonymously, however, as logs the IP address of contributors you may wish to use Anonymity.Online (AN.ON, JAP, JonDonym) or Tor Onion Router to conceal your IP address.

I also created a Twitter account “chbuth” hoping to be able to get community feedback this way. Not wanting to sound cynical but I am really curious how the terrorists will attack it. Please try it out and tell me something!

Counter measures

To avoid confusion, I list on this page Internet account that are not mine. Should you come across further pages or addresses which could be confused with mine or would like to report evidence, please send an email to my lawyer directly. If you would like an answer from me, please also send a fax to +49-3222-4072857. The best method to reach me is sending an E-Postbrief to (not an email address) via the E-POST website I respond only by postal letter, E-Postbrief, or fax. If in doubt, check it out!

My set of Internet accounts is stable, meaning that I will only occasionally open new Internet accounts in the foreseeable future. I anticipate that new Internet accounts may be created that resemble mine with user names that are a variation of my name, Christian Buth, MacIndy, and shahansha. Please report any such activity as quickly as possible. Following agencies, companies and associations have been called in

Legal action is taken. I filed charges in Germany and informed Europol and INTERPOL. I would like to ask you to report any relevant information (sachdienliche Hinweise) to your local police station which can be done online in Germany: Bürgerhinweis an die Bundespolizei. If you have evidence of a crime that was committed please file charges which you can do online in Germany: Strafanzeige erstatten.

Legal action against identity theft is supported and scientifically studied by Arbeitsgruppe Identitätsschutz im Internet e.V. (a-i3).


Communicating with me is challenging. I have noticed that incoming communication (letters, facsimiles, emails, SMS text messages, phone calls) have not reached me. Similarly, my outgoing communication has not always reached the addressee. Based on the list below, I anticipate that any conceivable way is used to sabotage my communication such as slander, fraud, forgery, impostors, bribery, blackmail, (industrial) espionage, (cyber-)terrorism, stalking, and social engineering. To counter this, I recommend that when you write to me you also call me on my mobile phone to make sure that everything has arrived the way you sent it. Samples of my voice are available in Deutsch and in English. The listed criminal activities are anticonstitutional in Germany. They violate many laws but most concerning is the violation of the German constitution (the basic law), Article 1, Paragraph (1), Sentence 1 “Human dignity shall be inviolable” and thus the European Convention on Human Rights and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Should you experience problems contacting me by mobile phone or SMS text messages, please send a report to T-Mobile by fax to the number +49-800-5330633. In the report, please be as specific as possible giving time and date of your attempt. If you think that you tried to phone me but were routed to an impostor, then please include your memory minutes of the conversation in your report. Should something like this has happened to you in the past, please take the time to report this, nonetheless, to T-Mobile as soon as possible. Should you witness that one of my phone numbers is misused please report this incident: Rufnummern Missbrauch melden. I have strong indications that criminals have acquired my old mobile phone number +49-151-40402473—which is not mine anymore since 05 May 2011—and have used the number to pretend to be me, given it out to organizations as “my” mobile phone number, etc.. If you have evidence of such activity, please report it to the police and my lawyer

I have strong indications that criminals attempt to reroute postal mail to my home address to a different address which is not mine but might be an old address of mine. Specifically, I have strong indications that my old German addresses in Schriesheim and in Garching bei München have been used for this purpose. My only residential address since 20 Jan 2014 has been in Bergisch Gladbach, Germany. Rerouting of my postal mail works as follows. After I asked an organization to mail, e.g., a document to me, criminals contact that organization and either ask that the document is sent by fax to my secondary fax number which converts the fax to an email that can be deleted before I get it. Alternatively, also a fax number may be provided which is not mine or a postal mailing address which is not mine. Also mail forwarding to a postal address which is not mine is likely used such that mail can be spied out and only selected mail is forwarded to my home address. As a matter of fact a lot of postal mail reaches me only after several days have passed since they were sent. Also I have indications that organizations are asked to sent their communication by email instead of postal mail and fax which can then be deleted before it reaches me or the provided email address is not one of mine. Several occurrences are known to me were mail was sent by email to my E-Postbrief address which is not an email address; certainly, I have never suggested this. Consequently, I received the communication with a considerable delay because it took a while for the problem to be identified by the sender or by me. Alternative mailing address may also just have a different street number such that criminals can go to the post box and steal the mail. Please report to the police and my lawyer such incidents to change the mailing address after you were contacted by me.


For several years I have been a victim of torture and other cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment. Specifically, I have been subject to

Many more actions against others and me have been applied with staggering intensity which can be summarized under the term Zersetzung which was a method of the Stasi for repressive persecution of persons and groups with the aim to inflict irreversible damage on the victims. You may find a definition of Zersetzungsmaßnahmen in section 2.6 “Die Anwendung von Maßnahmen der Zersetzung” of the Richtlinie 1/76 zur Entwicklung und Bearbeitung operativer Vorgänge (OV) from the year 1976 of the Ministerium für Staatssicherheit (MfS)—also referred to as Stasi—of the former German Democratic Republic (DDR). The parallels of the Stasi oppression to my case are staggering as can be seen from the booklet Was war die Stasi?. Witnesses please contact the WEISSER RING e.V. and my lawyer


I have strong indication that intense corruption is used by the terrorists to undermine the economy and the state. Should you have witnessed corruption, you may inform Transparency International Deutschland e.V.. They, however, are mostly interested in general schemes of corruption. Additionally or instead, you may turn to any Landeskriminalamt or the public prosecutor's office in Germany. In general, whistleblowers are supported by the Whistleblower-Netzwerk e.V. in Germany.

Organized crime

The organized crime described on this web page manifest also in direct actions agains me such as

Actions agains others are, for example,

If you have been harmed by the terrorists, please seek help in Germany from the WEISSER RING e.V. which is an organization that helps victims of crimes. For victims abroad, please use the Victims of Terrorism Support Portal of the United Nations and inform the WEISSER RING e.V. and my lawyer.

A further manifestation of the organized crime is that I occasionally have to pay higher prices, e.g., in shops, than all other customers. When ordering in restaurants, I am served occasionally dishes which are not acceptable or simply something else that I did not order.

Investigative results

Computer Sabotage

The terrorists commit cybercrimes on a massive scale such as

  • hacking, spying out, and sabotaging of computers including mine,
  • they render my computer inoperable by turning off or limiting network access or disconnecting my Bluetooth mouse,
  • they destroy Blu-Ray discs I am burning,
  • they directly target me with malware,
  • they hack into other Wireless LANs to control my computer,
  • they hacked into my old iPhone,
  • they reroute my web traffic to forged web pages,
  • they tamper with my Internet Security Software such that it does not function properly,
  • they tap the built-in microphone and the web camera, and
  • they steal files from my computer.
I made forensic copies of my operating system and personal data. If your computer was hacked, spied out, or sabotaged, please report such occurrences to the police.

False Identities

Considerable effort seems to be put into pretending that I am not Christian Buth! I have strong indication that the terrorists state that I was instead called

  • Christian Bush
  • Christian Burth
  • Edward Snowden
Anybody who claims that I am not Christian Buth is suspicious. Please report any such occurrences to the police: Bürgerhinweis an die Bundespolizei.

Email Addresses
  •,,,,,, are not my email addresses.
  • Apple:,, are not my email addresses.
  • Microsoft:,,,,... and so on,,,,,,,,,,,,,,... and so on, are not my email addresses.
  • GMX: I do not have a GMX email account. Specifically,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,... and so on, are not my email addresses.
  • Google: I do not have any Google accounts.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,... and so on,,,,,,,,,,,,... and so on,,,,,... and so on, are not my email addresses.
  • T-Online:,,,, are not my email addresses.
  • Yahoo: I do not use any Yahoo email accounts. Specifically,,,,... and so on,,,,,,,,,,,,,... and so on,,,,,,,,,,... and so on,,,,,,,,,,,,,,... and so on,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, and so on,,,,,,,,,,,,,... and so on,,,,,,... and so on,,,,,,,... and so on,,,,... and so on,,,,... and so on,,,,,,... and so on,,,,,,,,... and so on,,,,... and so on, are not my email addresses.
  • AOL: I do not have an AOL email account. Specifically,,,,,... and so on,,,,,,,,,,,,... and so on,,,,,,... and so on,,,,,,,,,,,,... and so on,,,,,,... and so on,,,,,,,,,,,,... and so on,,,,,, ... and so on,,,,,,,,,,,... and so on, are not my email addresses.
  • CompuServe: I do not have a CompuServe account; specifically,,,,,,,,,,,,,... and so on are not my email addresses.
  • I have never had a De-Mail account.
  • I have not used the nicknames "shahansha", "Indiana Jones", and "indy" for many years and I will not use it anymore. As a matter of fact, I have not used any nicknames for many years! I have never used the nickname "macindy" for any online accounts.
Social Networking
  • I do not participate in Social Networking; specifically, I have never had a LinkedIn, ResearchGate, or WhatsApp account.
  • The following Twitter accounts are not mine: buth, ybuth, BubuButh, cbuth, buthc, ChristianButh, ChristianButh1, ChristianButh2, shahansha, macindy.
  • I do not have a Facebook account; specifically, christian.buth, christian.buth.5, christian.buth.7 are not me. I do not have any intention of getting a Facebook account in the future.
  • I do not have a StudiVZ, MeinVZ or XING account either; I do not have any intention of getting any of these accounts in the future.
  • I do not have a SmartPhone.
  • I do not have a Blog.
  • I do not write comments on websites.
  • I do not contribute to rating platforms of restaurants, medical doctors, etc.
  • The Skype names christian.buth, shahansha, shahansha1, macindy, macindy1, macindy2, macindy3,... and so on are not mine.
  • I do not have an Opera account; specifically, shahansha, macindy are not mine.
  • I do not have a Firefox Sync account.
  • I do not have a social bookmarking account.
  • I do not reveal my passwords to anybody. Likewise, I keep all other account numbers and personal data to myself except for interaction with the service providers.
  • My account is not,, or
  • I do not have accounts cbuth, shahansha.
  • I have never had a PayPal account. Specifically,,, are not mine.
  • This is my only webpage. Following domains are not mine:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • I do have never hosted my own cloud.
  • I do not have a account.
  • I have never used Amazon Web Services.
  • The YouTube channel cboolbuth is not mine.

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